First time on this writing thingy

  • Honestly I wouldn’t really consider myself a writer but I do enjoy writing about random stuff at times so here is one of them😉 I was legit just in the passenger seat of my big sister’s van thinking about how I haven’t journaled in so long..I miss my Mozzy! (I had a diary named Mozgsov, after a basketball player, was kind of one of those things ya don’t put thought in and it just happened) Anyway, I just thought hmmm well maybe there are some writing apps or something on Google playstore I mean for gods sake Google has everything! And so with my broken keyboard from when I dropped my phone out the window I typed “writing” in the search bar. It took a while though because I have an outdated phone from like 2005 so the poor thing was struggling to function. Finally all the different “writing” apps popped up and so I kind of just chose whatever was there just because I wasn’t ambitious or anything for this app, I just needed something to simply let me jot down my thoughts and blah blah. And so I did that and this app came up and so I decided to try it out! I’ll probably go at this for like a week or so and see if I actually enjoy it. The concept seemed pretty interesting so I though ah what the hell, it doesn’t hurt to try! But uh yeah just putting it out there now, my grammar and everything all that “writer” junk isn’t really my thing but I’ll try my best to make things clear, I’m honestly not really that good at expressing myself? Haha gosh that sounds weird…just because I grew up with a deaf mother whom I never actually spoke to…we had our convos through ASL. Let me tell ya I can probably best express myself through really awkward facial gestures and ninjitsu looking hand movements than writing on a piece of paper or simply talking like any other person. So please bear with me miss, or mister, whatever you are. To be honest I didn’t really know exactly how to start but I’ll probably just start small with like daily blogs on what’s going on in my 19 year old life (like if thats so interesting haha) and what goes through my big ol head. Regardless if you’re reading this or not, maybe I can make this more of a personal thing? I dont know who knows, we’ll see. Kk, I’m off to go help big sissy with some Thanksgiving cooking…ugh speaking of that or writing of that haha I work on Thankgiving and Black Friday..wish me luck for this girl works in retail.